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Why do so many guys fail at the online hookup game?

So many guys fail at the online hookup game when using sites like, but it’s not because they have no money and it’s definitely not because they have crappy personalities. The truth is that most guys simply just segregate themselves when it comes to the online hookup game. They continuously make the same mistakes over and over again and just end up not getting as much pussy.

If you want to join a free adult dating site and want to get the most value out of it, you need to listen up. You need to avoid making these common mistakes.

Losers restrict themselves to supermodels

I’m not going to lie to you. There are lots of great drop dead gorgeous women on free online adult dating sites. Seriously. These women look like models or porn stars. And I’m not talking about fake profiles. I’m talking about women that can definitely substitute for porn stars in terms of body configuration as well as appearance and facial beauty

With that said, if you are simply going to gun after these good-looking women, chances are you’re going to have to face an army of other competing guys. It’s going to be a sausage fest out there of a forest of angry penises trying to bang these chicks. So do yourself a big favor and make the numbers game work for you. There are other good-looking women that may not be supermodel caliber but they are ready, willing, and eager to jump on your cock. Focus on that demographic instead.

They doubt themselves

If you step up to the line and shoot a basketball thinking that you will miss the net, chances are you will miss the net. This is not rocket science. Why? You sabotage yourself. Your thoughts define you, your thoughts define your reality. That’s the bottom line. The kind of life you’re living is really a product of your mental processes.

If you doubt that you will get laid online, chances are your sexual success at free dating sites will be quite spotty indeed. Stop thinking that it is impossible. If you want to achieve, you first have to believe.

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Are you really cheating when using a cheaters website?

A lot of guys think that the secret to banging a cheating wife is to essentially cheat. They think that since this wife is all about infidelity, I just need to get her to cheat with me and I’m done. Unfortunately, that kind of thinking is not going to get you anywhere. You have to remember that if you look at what you’re doing as some sort of way to gratify or please your ego, you are doing it wrong. If you want to be a more successful seducer of cheating wives and women in general, you need to change the rules with which you play.

Instead of looking at the whole experience from your perspective and how it can benefit you, focus instead on her perspective. You have to understand that she’s cheating. Obviously, there’s something that she craves. Obviously, she’s looking for something that she’s not getting from her relationship. Focus on that. Create that special moment. This way she will trust you more often and more deeply and this can lead to something fun.

Unfortunately, by looking at the whole project from primarily how you can benefit, you are just sabotaging yourself. Also understand that she’s the one cheating, it’s not you. So you’re not cheating, she is. Learn that delineation. Unfortunately, guys are not able to separate that from their feelings and they end up dropping the ball. In many cases, she’s already there and ready to do the deed but the guy really screws up because he can’t draw a fine line. He’s fundamentally confused regarding who is doing the cheating.

You have to remember that cheating is mental. It’s not just physical. A woman can be unfaithful and not lift a finger and touch anybody else. Why? She’s already mentally cheating. Emotionally, she has cut the cord with the person she is with so don’t let your guilt trip get the best of you and interfere with your seduction game. You have to stay focused on your objectives otherwise it’s very easy to get sidetracked and drop the ball if you want to have an affair.

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